Community Coach

The Community Coach training is broken down into two steps:

Introduction to Community Coaching: This first step is all delivered online. Coaches must first take the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) multisport training “Coach Initiation in Sport”, which is a mandatory requirement before coaches can do Nordiq Canada’s Introduction to Community Coaching module. 

FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON  HOW TO REGISTER for the Introduction to community coaching (ICC) ON-LINE

Community Coaching: After completing the Introduction to Community Coaching training, this in-class and on-snow workshop will teach community coaches how to lead a skill development program at the club level to children in the FUNdamentals stage of development (Jackrabbits). 

Here is the pathway for Community Coaching: 

For more information and details about this level of coaching and the others, please visit the Nordiq Canada website at the following link:

Clubs wishing to have coach training at their clubs can contact the CCNB to begin the process. 506-475-5602 or by email

For additionnal ressources for coaches, visit CoachNB

You need guidance to register thru the Locker?  Here are the steps to follow to register for a coaching course:

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Coaches are at the core of the Athlete Development system as they have the most influence and responsibilities in developing athletes. As such it is critical for NC and CCNB to have complete standardized and reliable data in regards to who is an active coach, how many there are and what their coach training (NCCP) statuses are.

The NC coaching license is aimed at all active cross country ski coaches in Canada who are coaching at least 7 hours per year with a registered cross country ski club (with their division).

The license is renewable on a yearly basis, starting June 15th and effective July 1st of each year.

The Nordiq Canada (NC) Coaching License is mandatory for all coaches coaching for more than 7 hours/year . Only those coaches with a valid NC coaching license will benefit from NC’s liability insurance while performing in a coaching role with a registered cross country ski club.

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NC-NCCP Certification Challenge policy (Policy 2.4.3)

For most coaches, NCCP training is required to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies in order to succeed the evaluation process for each coaching context and becoming a certified coach. In rare cases though, coaches may have achieved pertinent training and acquired pertinent competencies via an alternative (non-NCCP) development pathway.

Through the application of the NCCP certification challenge policy, Nordiq Canada’s Coaching Development Committee may grant coaches meeting the eligibility criteria below the right to proceed with NCCP evaluation for a given context without prior corresponding sport-specific training.

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